Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blog with Hat in Hand

Sure, I'm more likely to take home a Jon Matlack Award (no, don't say just a Pete Falcone Award) than a Koufax Award, but somebody out there must think I'm worthy of a nomination. I won't pay, but I will cyber-grovel.

And if you nominate my series on the News-Press Mess, then even more people will know the truth.

Here's some help, the entries have been:

Sue, A Lawyer Pulling Threat

When lands were disputed and misgoverned
Came ministers commended as loyal
--Lao Tzu

Wendy's Not the Only Witch of the West

Facts All Come with a Point of View

Never Know What's in Store

This Ad's Left Wanting

Time to Hail a Scab

Be Nice, or Else

Another Bug Up Wendy's Butt

Candle Crack, Candle Break
Correct the Travis's Mistake

Fire All the Journalists You Want--Wendy Will Hire More!

From Suit to Nuts

That's a Stretch, Armstrong

The News-Press Says the News-Press Is the Greatest, According to the News-Press

Catch a Quitting Star

The Goleta Valley Loses Its Voice

The Night They Drove the News-Press Down

What a Tangled Web Wendy Hopes to Leave

Are You Ready for Some Folderol

McCaw Killed the Newspaper Star

Imitiation Is the Sincerest Way to Lawsuits

All We Are Saying Is Give Blogs a Chance

One Stupid Thing the News-Press Does to Destroy Itself

I Fought McCaw and McCaw Won

It's News to Me

A Free Press--If You've Got a Spare $450 Million

OK, that's not a series, it's War and Peace. The sad part is the peace isn't in sight yet.


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