Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Catch a Quitting Star

As many predicted, now that the beleaguered staff at the News-Press has stuck it out long enough to vote the union in, many of them will sneak out, knowing that union negotiations with someone as blind to reality as George Bush Wendy McCaw will be darn near impossible.

Today is a very sad day for the paper, as former columnist and fantastic feature writer Starshine Roshell has quit as has travel and copy editor Al Bonowitz (who also often drew the clever illustrations that accompanied Star's columns).

Here's Starshine's take on things now that the duct tape is off--her resignation letter, a fine example of her typical eloquence. Luckily we don't have to say goodbye since: 1) we had canceled our subscription months ago, and 2) people this talented will be someplace soon--here's hoping someplace sane, too.

TO: Yolanda Apodaca
CC: Scott Steepleton

October 3, 2006

I hereby resign from the News-Press.

And since you no longer control what I say and how I say it, I'm going to tell you why.

For 11 years, I have been proud to work for this company. I was honored to have managers who were smarter than me, and had something to teach me.

They weren't bullies. They weren't liars. And remarkably, they were able to manage our newsroom by employing scruples rather than lawyers.

But they're all gone now, and the only thing our current leaders have been able to demonstrate is the heartbreaking mess that ensues when ambition far exceeds talent, and hubris trumps wisdom.

At a good newspaper, as ours was, truth is held in higher esteem than power. It makes me sick to see Wendy McCaw topple that hierarchy here, and to watch you both help her do it.

While I will desperately miss the camaraderie of my noble colleagues and the relationships I developed with countless readers, I am grateful for one thing.

That when I look in the mirror, I won't see what you do.


Starshine Roshell


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a very sad day. I always enjoyed Starshine's columns and had hoped that she would be able to find a way to stay on the newspaper.

I hope that she will find another place to utilize her unique voice.
Konnie Gault

12:37 PM  

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