Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's News to Me

Wendy McCaw, the millionairess (I guess that's the millionaire version of blonde, no?) owner of the Santa Barbara News-Press, a paper she's driving into the ground, has opted to take a page out of the Rove playbook. Today she writes a Note to Readers that accuses the six editors and one long-time columnist who left the paper of the very thing she and her gang of henchmen fiance Arthur and .23 blood alcohol level Travis have been doing:

When news articles became opinion pieces, reporting went unchecked and the paper was used as a personal arena to air petty infighting by the editors, these goals were not met.

Some of the people who lost sight of these goals and appeared to use the News-Press for their own agendas decided to leave when it was clear they no longer would be permitted to flavor the news with their personal opinions.

Some disgruntled employees and their allies (commercial and political) are now sniping at this paper and spreading agenda driven misinformation to other media.

That's almost as good as making the war hero's Vietnam record look bad when you're the one who went AWOL from a cushy National Guard appointment daddy got you.

Wendy, or should I say Mein Fuhrer McCaw, we aren't sniping. We want the paper to tell the truth. If it can't do so about itself, how can we trust it about anything else?

To get more of the real story, read what UCSB's Daily Nexus managed to do, even though they don't put out papers during the summer session. Perhaps the Nexus should be the town's major daily now?


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