Monday, August 07, 2006

One Stupid Thing the News-Press Does to Further Destroy Itself

Here I am left wishing there was some way to go and cancel my subscription to the News-Press a second time, for as Editor & Publisher recently reported:

[Publisher Arthur] Von Wiesenberger noted the recent hiring of famed radio therapist Dr. Laura Schlessinger as a columnist, replacing [long-time, beloved Barney] Brantingham. "She approached us when she heard our columnist had departed," he said about the local resident. "[Her column] is very Santa Barbara-oriented. It is wonderful to see her take this on."

Laura Schlessinger, Ph.D. in physiology, the self-righteous, gay-bashing prick is also a scab. And you have to know that there's no worse thing I can call someone than a scab. But how else can someone of such dubious talents get ahead than by taking advantage of others' misfortunes?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think "twat," not "prick." Or either. Do you know her son's queer?

9:22 PM  

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