Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Are You Ready for Some Folderol?

So Tony Kornheiser has taken up the Denis Miller hotseat almost warmed by the buns of Rush Limbaugh on Monday Night Football (remember the days when you could watch it without cable?) and people are as impressed by the real Kornheiser as they were by Listen Up, the fictional show based on him (don't remember it? see?).

In particular Kornheiser's own paper the Washington Post took him to task, doing everything short of calling him a Weisenkornheimer. The writer Paul Farhi even criticized his pallor, as if the only thing separating success from failure on TV was the burnished glow of a George Hamilton.

Now Editor & Publisher reports:

After reading Farhi's slam, Kornheiser appeared on ESPN Radio's The Dan Patrick Show Tuesday, offering his own attack on his fellow Postie. "I apparently got ripped in my own newspaper, The Washington Post, you know by a two-bit weasel slug named Paul Farhi, who I would gladly run over with a Mack Truck given the opportunity," he said, according to a transcript.

And immediately after the broadcast, Wendy McCaw and Ampersand Publishing filed a restraining order on Kornheiser and fired him from the News-Press, even though he's never worked there.


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