Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Random Ten

XTC "Rocket from a Bottle" Black Sea
Elvis Presley "Tomorrow Night" The Sun Sessions
XTC "Chain of Command" Drums and Wires
Luna "This Time Around" Bewitched
Dave Brubeck Quartet "Take Five" Time Out
Neko Case "Set Out Running" Furnace Room Lullabye
Billy Bragg "That's Entertainment" Workers Playtime (bonus disc)
Graham Parker "I Was Wrong" Human Soul
Graham Parker "Release Me" Burning Questions
The Who "Rael 1" The Who Sell Out

Space Negros "Sweep" Dig Archaeology

Nothing like a :38 bonus. I never quite get the artist stutter iTunes likes to pull sometimes, but it's better when it takes me to my younger self; when I did college radio people joked the station should have been called WXTC. Oh, and if you don't know that Luna tune, you really really should.



Anonymous Freealonzo said...

1. Shakin’ All Over – The Who
2. Ask – The Smiths
3. Bleed – Jack Logan
4. Judy is a Punk – The Ramones
5. Fight Test – Flaming Lips
6. Do Lord – Johnny Cash
7. Credit in the Straight World – Hole
8. Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White – Hypstrz
9. Let’s Get Married – Al Green
10. I Love Living in the City – Fear

Bonus: Why Do I Cry - The Remains

Talk about all over the map. Plus that Al Green song is one of my faves!

8:39 AM  
Blogger ahab said...

Shannon Wright, "Heavy Crown" Flightsafety
Mark Lanegan, "On Jesus’ Program" I’ll Take Care of You
My Morning Jacket, "They Ran" Tennessee Fire
Wilco, "At Least That’s What You Said" A Ghost is Born
Sixteen Horsepower, "Ruthie Lingle" Sackcloth ‘N’ Ashes
Pavement, "So Stark" Slanted and Enchanted
King of Convenience, "Toxic Girl" The Album
Hayden, "You Were Loved" Everything I Long For
Lambchop, "I Will Drive Slowly" Jack’s Tulips
St. Thomas, "45 Seconds" Hey Harmony

Bonus: Chuck Prophet, "Talkin’ New Kingdom" Soap and Water

As I said at Tom's, some nice fresh pulls for me this week.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Generik said...

1. Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “Wai” -- The Letting Go
2. Boz Scaggs – “Drowning In The Sea Of Love” -- New York Rock And Soul Revue: Live At The Beacon
3. Marvin Gaye – “Here, My Dear” -- The Master 1961-1984
4. The Midniters – “Whittier Blvd.” -- Grandson Of Frat Rock
5. Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban – “Dru Me Negrita” -- Mambo Sinuendo
6. Silversun Pickups – “Three Seed” -- Carnavas
7. The Black Keys – “10 A.M. Automatic” -- Rubber Factory
8. The White Stripes – “We’re Going To Be Friends” -- White Blood Cells
9. Jefferson Airplane – “She Has Funny Cars” -- Surrealistic Pillow
10. Lou Reed – “Good Evening Mr. Waldheim” -- New York

**Bonus Live Track** Van Morrison – “Stormy Monday/Have You Ever Loved A Woman?/No Rollin’ Blues” -- A Night In San Francisco

**Extra Special Super-Duper Double Bonus Because It’s Also A Live Track** Nirvana – “Aneurysm” -- From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah

Love the Dave Brubeck on George's list and most all of Freealonzo's, especially the Fear track. On ahab's list, the only artists I recognize are Wilco, Pavement and Chuck Prophet!

10:51 AM  
Blogger Marty said...

Band of Horses, "Is There a Ghost," Cease to Begin
Iron and Wine, "Carousel," The Shepherd's Dog
Guided by Voices, "(I'll Name You) The Flame that Cries," I am a Tree
Neutral Milk Hotel, "Gardenhead," Shannon's Monroe House Demos
Iron and Wine, "Love Song of the Buzzard," The Shepherd's Dog
Muse, "Falling Down," Showbiz
Guided by Voices, "She Goes Off at Night," Earthquake Glue
Pavement, "Baby, Yeah," Slanted and Echanted, L&R
Ninja Gun, "Permanent Press," Restless Rubes
Serge Gainsbourg, "Initials BB," Initials Sg

Bonus: The Wrens, "Grey Complexion," Silver

Repetition rules here, too, with some obscurities and unreleased (yet) material. Ninja Gun is on tour, by the way, and they've just been picked up by Suburban Home which will release Restless Rubes. They'll be in Santa Barbara May 27th at Velvet Jones.

2:15 PM  

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