Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Flashback Non-Random 27

The meme the other day got me to thinking. I stopped that as quickly as possible. But I did realize that to figure out what I was doing 10 years ago, or __ years ago, I could probably dig up computer files, and more importantly, mixed tapes. So I went digging, and here's a blast from 1991 (not that the songs were all of that vintage, as you'll see). This is sort of all-over, which makes me like it all the more, a tiny present from 17 years ago.

Hearts Are Treacherous/Struggle for Pleasure

Wim Mertens "Struggle for Pleasure"
Tom Verlaine "The Scientist Writes a Letter"
Elvis Costello "Georgie and Her Rival"
Pere Ubu "Playback"
Sundays All Over the World "Open Air"
Kate Bush "Be Kind to My Mistakes"
Medium Medium "Hungry So Angry"
Brian Eno/John Cale "Been There Done That"
Feelies "Doin' It Again"
Marshall Crenshaw "Don't Disappear Now"
Spanic Boys "London Town"
Pixies "Winterlong"
John Hiatt "She Loves the Jerk"

Richard Thompson "I Feel So Good"
Joan Armatrading "Words"
Any Trouble "As Lovers Do"
Lloyd Cole "No Blue Skies"
Joy Division "Atmosphere"
Fiat Lux "Photography"
Devo "Beautiful World"
Bill Nelson "Giving It All Away"
Marc Ribot "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
Lou Reed "Legendary Hearts"
Replacements "Sadly Beautiful"
John Wesley Harding "The Rent"
The Chills "Sweet Times"
Bob Mould "Sunspots"



Blogger Generik said...

1. Van Morrison with Georgie Fame – “All Saint’s Day (Jazz Version)” -- How Long Has This Been Going On
2. Steve Winwood – “Night Train” -- The Finer Things
3. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Eddie Vedder – “The Face Of Love” -- Dead Man Walking (Soundtrack)
4. The Cure – “The Hanging Garden” -- Staring At The Sea: The Singles 1979-1985
5. The Watson Twins – “Southern Manners” -- Country Girl: New Sounds Of The Old West Vol. 5
6. 10cc – “People In Love” -- The Very Best Of 10cc
7. George Thorogood & The Destroyers – “American Made” -- Greatest Hits: 30 Years Of Rock
8. Laura Nyro – “And When I Die” -- Stoned Soul Picnic: The Best Of Laura Nyro
9. Brian Wilson – “Good Vibrations” -- Smile
10. Van Morrison – “Ancient Of Days” -- A Sense Of Wonder

**Bonus** Bob Dylan – “Summer Days” -- Love & Theft

Great idea, George. I wonder if I can find any of my old mix tapes... I think I gave them all to my sister, who still has a cassette player in her car.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Freealonzo said...

1. In the Mouth of a Desert – Pavement
2. 21 Days in Jail – The Blasters
3. Modern Farmer – Young Wu
4. Words Fell – Lucinda Williams
5. Buddy’s Bolden Blues – Jelly Roll Morton
6. Elephant Stone – Stone Roses
7. Drummer Like Me – Trip Shakespeare
8. James Riot – Guided By Voices
9. June Salutes You – Guided By Voices
10. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues – Chris Thomas King

Bonus: Atomic Punk - Van Halen

A little something for everyone. Some Pavement and GbV for you indie rockers, some blues, country, something from Manchester's Factory with a Van Halen bonus. Wow!

9:20 AM  
Blogger ahab said...

Ed Harcourt, "The Last Cigarette" The Beautiful Lie
Jill Barber, "Hard Line" Loose 5: Country Girl
Richard Thompson, "Read About Love" Rumor & Sigh
Sebadoh, "Beauty of the Ride" Harmacy
Palace Brothers, "No More Workhorse Blues" Days in the Wake
Ed Harcourt, "Sister Renee" From Every Sphere
Jason Collett, "Nothing to Lose" Here’s to Being Here
Richard Buckner, "Polly Waltz" Devotion & Doubt
The Handsome Family, "Amelia Earhart vs. the Dancing Bear" Live at Schuba’s Tavern
Elk City, "Don’t Fight What You’ve Become (Sammy’s Song)" Hold Tight the Ropes

Bonus: Hayden, "Carried Away" Live at Convocation Hall

Note to Marty: Hayden is going on tour. I'm catching him at the IOTA in Arlington on June 8, and I think he plays in Atlanta a few days later. His new album's pretty good. Not as good as Elk Lake Serenade, but pretty good.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Marty said...

Hem, "Receiver," Eveningland
The Close, "Hey Fever," It's a Secret to Everybody
Modest Mouse, "Lives," The Moon and Antarctica
Fuck, "Flapper," Gold Bricks
Guided by Voices, "Apology in Advance," Earthquake Glue
Richmond Fontaine,"Disappeared," The Fitzgerald
Guided by Voices, "Gonna Never Have to Die," Half Smiles of the Decomposed
Arcade Fire, "Haiti," Funeral
Califone, "Kissing Cousin Wiccan," Everybody's Mother
Pavement, "Summer Babe (Winter Version)" Slanted and Enchanted, L&R

Bonus: Serge Gainsbourg, "Couleur Cafe," Initials SG

Thanks, Ahab. With nothing scheduled in June, I might head north for that. I love Pavement into Serge. What a lovely surprise, on a list with a few. Glad Califone's back. It's been awhile.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

I have vague recollections of a mix tape I made (ostensibly for a girl I was pining over) back in spring of '92.

Pretty sure I had Pixies on it; think I used "Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons" from Trompe le Monde. Might have had some Feelies too, but don't remember. I think there might have been some Blur (from Leisure and m,aybe REM, but not remembering much else. Alas.

6:57 AM  

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