Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Corporate Incest Is Just Another Way to Say You're Screwing Yourself

I waited, but if no one else is going to say it, I will--does it seem curious to anyone else that now that Mindy Spar, Life Editor, was one of the most recent firings at the News-Press, that leaves Charlotte Boechler, Scott Steepleton's wife, as the head of the the Life section? (She's not listed as Life Editor, but who would be doing the job ahead of her? There's no one else left.)

Purely a coincidence, I'm sure. I'm mean there's no evidence at the News-Press that sleeping with someone gets you a position at the paper, right Nipper?



Anonymous Mr. Moreno said...

During the last N-P trial, Steepleton conceded that that his wife received perfect scores in her performance evaluation -- which he wrote.

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous to Protect the Innocent said...

I'll just say this, even though I know it's low (but hey, water seeks it's own level): anyone who could sleep with Steepleton should have no qualms (or queasiness) about working at the SBNP. Same analogy applies for McCaw and the Nipper.

Speaking of the NP Life section, I just wondered if you'd dare to speculate on this, George, as it's been nagging me for a long time: Why to you think J. Woodard continues to freelance for that rag? It diminishes my respect for him. Sorry if this speculation crosses a privacy line you want to maintain on this blog.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Al Bonowitz said...

Point taken on Woodard, but there's only x amount of freelance criticism work available in SBA, and the N-P is probably the biggest resource.

I would be thrilled if he (and others) could afford not to work for Wendy (that would certainly diminish her product even more). But let's be real: I don't think the economy has improved in the two years since the meltdown and I doubt that it has become less expensive to live in SBA since then, either.

There are still several good people at the N-P, and I don't have any beef with them taking Wendy's money.

I'm happy I left, but even though I've recently improved my living situation by moving to Long Beach, it's still a rare day that I don't think about how much I loved living in SBA. That could also be a factor for some of those people.

And please stop hating on Charlotte Boechler. Love is blind. (Scott's still fair game.)

8:50 PM  

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