Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Easily Uneasy

If only dial-up were the worst of my New Jersey problems (I've been on the internets for over an hour and viewed about 11 pages--the good news is I'm ready when Net Neutrality fails).

I keep trying to say to myself, "Be nice, George. Your mother has cancer."

And then she reminds me there are many cancers when from the other room I can hear her tell a friend, "Mel Gibson was drunk the other day, but what he said was right...."

It's comforting to then later go out to dinner with my dad and have him tell me, "Those people protesting supporting Hezbollah up in Boston, they should line them up and shoot them all with a 50 caliber machine gun."

At least their hates sort of balance each other out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dad turned off our brand-new TV when Sinatra was on because he was a wop. Speaking of which, did you hear Celesta's pregnant?


10:24 PM  
Anonymous About:Blank said...

You have a nice family. I bet they don't eat French fries any more, do they?


2:09 PM  

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