Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blog No Illusions and You're Worldly Wise

Today I opt to step back and point to a conceptual moment, if it's ok that I can presume the intentions of an artist, and I know just enough of theory to see where my mistakes in doing so might lie.

But I'm talking three minute pop songs here, so given the amount of thinking that must take, let's assume all of that cognitive power is right there on the surface because someone meant it to be there. To tell the truth, many of these songs clock in at 2:39, but perfect little 2:39s.

Our artifact under discussion -- Marshall Crenshaw by Marshall Crenshaw (ah, what elegance, and don't even begin to think to call it eponymous, as that's way too fancy). As a set of 12 songs it's pretty much faultless, catchy, just clever enough without showing even a hint of strain. And what gets me the most? He never writes a third verse.


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