Monday, July 10, 2006

It's an Insane Day in the Neighborhood

If you're a baseball fan, I bet you can't wait for tomorrow night's All-Star game, especially since you now know Kenny Rogers will start for the American League! Free chicken for everyone!

Oh, not that Kenny Rogers? I guess I need to learn when to fold a joke.

Since the real joke is this quote from AL Manager Ozzie Guillen, who probably will be forced to undergo drug testing for saying, "He's the best pitcher right now in the American League. That's why he's there."

Ozzie Guillen, may I introduce to you Johan Santana. That is if you want to take the long view and discuss the best AL pitcher of the past 3 years. If you want to talk about the hottest pitcher, Ozzie, you need to meet Francisco Liriano, whom you just named to the All-Star squad because Jose Contreras pitched too much on Sunday. Oh, and I know that's why Rogers is starting, because many All-Stars just pitched and need a rest, but that isn't what Ozzie said. And we're not talking about a man with a reputation for being nice for nice's sake.

C'mon, Rogers isn't even the best pitcher on his own club, he's just the one for whom the Tigers score the most runs (he's 4th in the entire AL at 7.3 runs of support per 9 innings). Give me Justin Verlander or Jeremy Bonderman, or even Joel Zumaya, since I should name one guy not on my fantasy baseball team to sound somewhat impartial.


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