Monday, July 10, 2006

Don't Dilly-Dally at Dali's Deli

If I'm choosing movies named Spellbound, I'm going with the moving documentary about the spelling bee kids (makes me all misty-eyed for a hopeful America, it does) and not Hitchcock's over-heated and under-cooked take on psychiatry, even with the Dali-designed dream sequences that contain none of the magic of Un Chien Andalou (you'd never get the Pixies to sing about the Hitch movie).

That said, it contains one of my favorite one-word lines in film, and therefore is worthy of today's moment of cultural grace. Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman are out on a picnic, and when he asks her what kind of sandwich she would like, there's a close-up of her purse snapping shut. Oh wait, that's a different spot in the movie that takes it's Freudianism very symbolically. The killer line? It's all in the delivery, as Bergman lays on the extra relish as she says, "Liverwurst." 10-20 % pork liver, plus assorted meats, fat and some other organs never sounded so lascivious.


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