Monday, June 19, 2006

It Only Takes a Moment

In case you missed it, there's one terrific thread over at Bérubé’s blog and grill, about, as the proprietor would have it: "What little things, in the long history of human expressive culture, make life worth living? The catch is that they have to be little."

As someone who largely believes in living a small life, this thread was right up my philosophy's alley (see, if I thought big, my ethos would rate a boulevard). Of course I added my own ideas (twice, and that was holding myself back), but you can go read them all and wonder along with me how I forgot Ben Kingsley's priceless delivery of the line, "I think I will sit down," from the film Betrayal.

And here's one more from this weekend. At the T Bone Burnett show mentioned below, while the band brewed up its own chunky Bo Diddley groove for Burnett's "Tear This Building Down," I caught drummer Jim Keltner take the tiniest of pauses, a sort of stutter-step of the arms, punctuated by what almost seemed a stage sigh. No way you'd hear the moment without seeing it happen, as if a DVD caught on a frame for a second, but not like a DVD at all, given the three-dimensions and sound that surrounds, which isn't SurroundSound, for there's no trademark available.


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