Friday, July 07, 2006

This 60 Is 0 in No Time Flat

Put this one in the "get that man a booth at the boardwalk" file. This morning President Bush proved that he didn't learned from his faux pas when he "joked" with a partially-blind reporter about wearing sunglasses at a press conference less than month ago. After all he is the regular guy president we'd all have a drink with if he wasn't an alcoholic, and he just kids, he's the Kidder.

Nope, this morning, when a citizen of Chicago stood up to ask a question during Bush's so-called Listening Tour, he preceded his query by wishing the president a happy 60th birthday. Bush, ever-so-socially-ept, cut in and said, "Well you, you don't look a day under sixty-five."

Bush got him, didn't he? He's younger than many Americans. Now give him a supply of back-scratchers and let him guess folks' age and weight in Seaside Heights, NJ or something.


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