Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Buckslip Stops Here

Blogger sucks. Not so much that they don't let you publish the words "Blogger sucks" on Blogger, but enough to keep you from ever getting a post up during the day, especially when you're trying to squeeze one in while madly working, since you do have a job, now, don't you? But when it's the kind of day when you're left resorting to second person addresses to your self, then you really know it's all gone down hill and you can only blame Blogger's crappiness for part of that.

I had something to say at one point today but I forgot. It wasn't that I learned what a "buckslip" is, either. Go check out the link and be as disappointed as I was--it's a word with so much more possibility than delivery. Not that I can't feel empathetic.


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