Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just Like Tom's Dumb Blues

At INOTBB we expect our Republican leaders to be corrupt. But do they have to be stupid, too?

Go check out the Tom DeLay defense site (Motto: Give Us Your Money So We Don't Have to Go to Jail for Stealing Your Money). Yes, I'm linking to Tom DeLay's site. Be sure to click on the video at the top of the homepage.

Tom DeLay doesn't know that Stephen Colbert is satirizing a right-wing nut-job. You'd think he might have heard that Colbert tore Bush a new one (the old asshole with extra added asshole incident, you might say) at the Correspondents' Dinner. Then again, if DeLay doesn't read blogs, he wouldn't have heard about it the mainstream press.

Or maybe it's just that DeLay thinks we're all too stupid to know Colbert is a put-on. That is if you're part of the "we" that might give him money in the first-place.

(All kinds of hat tips to Talking Points Memo for the two links.)

(And wouldn't a blog called Talking Pints Memo be fun?)


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