Friday, June 02, 2006

abstractions are just abstract until they have an ache in them

Eventually you realize why the word tender loops back and is its antonym. Everyone is trying to be gentle and loving, asking the question they don't want to ask--"how's your mom?"--in the tone of voice you know they've practiced in their head because you've practiced it too. It's not easy, being this nice, having to talk about the things none of us want to even have to think about since someday we will be on the receiving end. How do you show care--with the right light in your eyes, the slight crack in your voice, the bit of a smile that says "poor you" without rubbing it in. Of course, I then feel for the people who feel they have to feel for me, and there we stand in a puddle of good intention, not trying to think about how a bruise is tender, too.


Anonymous tessitura said...

I love you george :)

10:11 PM  

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