Thursday, June 01, 2006

Everyone Knows Who the Saved Envy

Proving once again that you're all wet if you piss into the wind of fate, I make a joke about reading Joan Didion's latest on my way to see my sick mom and United serves up Queen Latifah in Last Dance on the flight back to Jersey. If you're wondering, the afterlife is Big Momma's House II (seems I've been very very bad).

Seriously, we don't know what's up yet with my mom. The biopsy comes back Monday. If it's not malignant, then she just has a tumor that they couldn't completely excise or some rare disease when the fatty tissue that lines your intestinal/stomach wall just atrophies. Knowing my mom it's the weird thing, because she never goes for the typical.

Yes, it was a fun visit.

Still, I admire my poor sisters, who both live nearby, for all they have to sustain while I get to be relatively free while living 3,000 miles away in California.


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