Monday, May 22, 2006

A Bud Is Better than a Bush

At the end of a Morning Edition segment today, Nina Totenberg made a very intriguing comparision, suggesting that the first term of the John Roberts Supreme Court was like a baseball team getting a new pitcher and third baseman and deciding it was best to learn how to play together and not do anything too extreme (like, uh, win? safety squeeze?).

OK, so there's 9 judges and 9 players on the field, so that makes sense. Antonin Scalia is the throwback fiery ethnic, like Tommy Lasorda or A.J. Pierzynski, and Clarence Thomas is no doubt a catcher, so those two sustain the metaphor.

But still, as if baseball doesn't have enough problems with Barry the Bulging Bonds breaking records. The last thing the sport needs is to be tarnished with the Supreme Court brush. After all, it was smart enough never to make W. its commissioner.


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