Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Living at Night Isn't Helping My Complexion

Ah, it's good to go to bed between 1 and 2 and wake at 6. Deep in freelance work, I've got some project every night this week, so write I must.

The good news is that I will make almost to the cent what it will cost to make that "Check Engine" light go off on my dashboard. I tried to tell the garage I didn't care if my catalyts got converted, they could profess any damn faith they wanted, but they said it's important. $800 important. Turns out you really need to keep an eye on stuff close to your tailpipe or you might release improper emissions.

I'll leave that kind of humor behind and ask: Can you guess from the entry's title what group's boxset I bought at Amoeba in SF two weekends ago? I'll get to the "look what I've bought, I'm an old fart" entry just as soon as I can hobble with my mental walker to the computer.


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