Thursday, January 19, 2006

Not Snowed by the Globes

So sorry I missed the excitement of the Golden Globes while vacating in San Fran. Of course people want to read the wins by Brokeback Mountain and Capote as some sign that the world is either: 1) finally realizing it doesn't matter who you sleep with, it's how you act the rest of your life that's important, OR, 2) the world is about to end in a dreadful mess of Rick Santorum-unapproved man-on-dog sex.

Guess what--my vote goes for neither. Not just because it's the Golden Globes, and the whole idea that the foreign press is worth diddly is pretty funny probably even to the foreign press, for whom translating the word diddly causes guffaws, and who are simply happy to get invited to the Scary Movie 4 junket. It's that movies really don't have that much of an effect anymore, if they ever did. It's not like thousands of youths went down tot he sea in ships after Titanic sailed through the megaplexes, and that won actual Oscars, so many you couldn't stuff them all in James Cameron's mouth and make him stop shouting "king of the world." It didn't even do much for the career of lovely Leo now, did it (how pretty purple his lips turned)?

It's only a movie.


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