Tuesday, January 24, 2006

You Say Alito, I Say Ay-ito--Let's Call Roe v. Wade Off

So when the Alito nomination gets approved by the Senate tomorrow, and the beginning of the end of women's rights, workers' rights and civil rights gets a soon-to-be mighty five finger fuck you from the Supreme Court, don't necessarily blame anyone in the Senate now. Instead, here's the true roll call of shame:

David Boren, Oklahoma
John Breaux, Louisiana
Dennis DeConcini, Arizona
Alan Dixon, Illinois
James Exon, Nebraska
Wyche Fowler, Georgia
Fritz Hollings, South Carolina
J. Bennett Johnston, Louisiana
Sam Nunn, Georgia
Charles Robb, Virginia
Richard Shelby, Alabama

All eleven voted to confirm Clarence Thomas. All eleven were Democrats. Only one of the eleven is still in the Senate 15 years later. That's Shelby, who has since changed his party affiliation to Republican.

That's when the world went downhill faster than a waxed sled on an icy hill with Shaq on it.


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