Monday, January 23, 2006

Still Life with Tin Cat, Dog Bone and Damn Mouse

Welcome to Monday Mouse Blogging! And here's hoping there won't be weeks of it, but given the amount of too-small-to-be-rat scat in our garage, and sometimes our kitchen, you might be at the dawn of a brand new meme.

Do know since Amy is nice to mice (it's not every day you get to work in an allusion to Alexandra Sheedy), we are capturing them and rehabilitating them. Turns out they make really cute tiny license plates that fit on the Barbie camper. And no, you did not see us letting them go by the stream just off State Street near the, uh, Mousecienda Motel.


Anonymous Amy said...

Monday Mouse Blogging - Brilliant idea! and so cute! I think you should include a mouse count report. That makes three mice captured and relocated.

11:33 AM  

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