Thursday, June 23, 2005

Camp Swampy

Reuters reports that during a contentious Senate Armed Services Committee meeting, Senator Ted Kennedy and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had a bit of a war of the words:

"This war has been consistently and grossly mismanaged," Sen. Edward Kennedy told Rumsfeld. "And we are now in a seemingly intractable quagmire."

"Our troops are dying. And there really is no end in sight. And the American people, I believe, deserve leadership worthy of the sacrifices that our fighting forces have made, and they deserve the real facts. And I regret to say that I don't believe that you have provided either," Kennedy added.

"Well, that is quite a statement," Rumsfeld, flanked by top U.S. commanders, responded. "First let me say that there isn't a person at this table who agrees with you that we're in a quagmire and that there's no end in sight."

Rumsfeld went on to say, "Iraq is not a quagmire. It might be a nasty can of worms, a particularly difficult situation, a dastardly dog's breakfast, a nearly classical Gordian knot, a hard nut to crack, a splitting headache, a buzzing hornet's nest, the world's largest vat of hot water, Pandora's box with its lid ripped wide, a sticky predicament, a snarky snafu, a venomous snake pit...but it's not NOT a quagmire."

After a bit of a pause he continued, "And, Senator, can't you please compare me to Hitler so anything I do can be obscured by your need to apologize?"


Anonymous karena said...

Brilliant. But why didn't he mention HARD WORK? A tangled up uncontrolled mess of hard work? Are the soldiers getting lazy?

11:42 AM  

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