Friday, June 17, 2005

A-Tingling with Cleanliness

As part of INOTBB's ongoing service to prove the Lord is omnipresent, at least when it comes to potato chips, toast, bricks, and most of all, E-Bay, we have this new report of a holy sighting:

Plaster Water Stain - Son of God

I got out of the shower today and yelled, "Jesus Christ!" and my girlfriend asked me, "Oh my God what is it?" I pointed and responded, "No - Jesus Christ!"

Attached are actual photos of what I was pointing at. (sorry, Mom - I ended a sentence with a preposition, I know.)

No, these photos are not doctored.
No, these photos are not staged.

'Cause if the photos were staged, we'd have to get Jesus or a Jesus-impersonator to hide in the plaster in a bathroom wall.

And to think I've thought so highly of Jesus, but all he really wants to do is get some quick peeks of people in the shower.


Anonymous karena said...

I think the motives you attached to Jesus are unfair. Maybe he just wants to clean up a little. Maybe he is there to make sure you do not use the volumizing shampoo after a new dye job. You know that will open the cuticles and cause the new dye to wash right down the drain. I think Jesus has important issues like that on his mind, not getting a peek at the unwashed.

10:30 AM  

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