Monday, June 20, 2005

Ready to Bloviate in 2008

Let the circus begin! Fresh from preparing for battle by devouring one of his own, Joe Biden is biding his time no more: "US Senator Joseph Biden became the first Democrat to openly acknowledge plans to run for the White House in 2008, telling CBS television that he will pursue his party's presidential nomination." Evidently the credit card companies based in the state Biden represents didn't quite get everything they wanted in the Bankruptcy Bill, so need a full-time watchdog for their interests in the White House. Penniless widows, the railroad tracks await!

Perhaps we should have a poll--hereby named the "Bob Graham Presidential Hopeful for A Day Contest"--for who will be the lamest Dem candidate to throw a hat in the ring. And a note to any contenders--don't make it a beret, you know how much the Right makes fun of the French.

My money is on Tom Vilsack, who puts the white in whitbread.

Although maybe Zell Miller will run, and instead of debates, we can have duels leading up to the primaries. Think of the TV ratings that reality show could get. But considering Zell made it seem like just holding a 2004 election was questionable patriotism, if he got nominated, he would proably just defer to whatever whacko the Republicans run.

And no voting for Lieberman, as I'm not sure we can call him a Democrat.


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