Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Faster Than a Speeding Wonkette

Sure, the readership of INOTBB might all be able to fit into the stomach of Dennis Hastert (sorry for that image), but those of you who do read here read first. Way back in October when this humble blog was taking its first infant internets steps, I discovered that the folks in charge were helping keep us safe with the handy website that they should have called Not-So-Ready.Gov. You and I, we shared a Kate Hepburn-in-Philadelphia Story throaty chuckle and figured that would all change after the election.

Alas, we should have been thinking of a later Hepburn role, the one where she got to say, "The loons! The loons!"

Indeed, once Bush & Co. won the election, they figured the need to scare us was over, and they left the children section of Ready.Gov in mothballs (byteballs?).

So what do we have today? Both Wonkette--"In Case of Nuclear Attack, Be Old"--and the Washington Post--"U.S. Called Unprepared For Nuclear Terrorism: Experts Critical of Evacuation Plans"--jumping on my bandwagon which has left the station with rockets firing (don't just mix metaphors, Cuisinart them, I say).

I guess that means INOTBB is just Wonkette faster (no, not easier) without the butt sex obsession. Although in the case of how badly our government prepares us for possible disaster scenarios, you might say we're all getting bent over without a please or thank you.


Anonymous Gregorius alexandrensis said...

Thanks for linking to my Dennis Hastert's one of my personal favorites. Please feel free to check out my latest entries and linking to me if you like--I have a policy of crosslinking to all blogs that permlink to mine...and yours looks like fun as well!

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