Friday, April 29, 2005

Congress Says, "Medical Bankruptcy? Bad. Moral Bankruptcy? Sign us up."

And in our continuing effort to make the Democratic Party safe for Democrats again, there's this story over at Daily Kos, showing that Nancy Pelosi has some gumption and that a few too many so-called centrists really are Republicans, for they've got that petulant, "we're put upon" whining down pat. It was the right thing to do, voting for the Bankruptcy Bill? No, it was the Right Thing to do.

As was pointed out over at Talking Points Memo:

The research has been overwhelming. About 90% of those who file for bankruptcy do so after a job loss, a serious medical problem or a family break up.


Part of the reason the fight against this bill has been an uphill battle is the widespread but false presumption that Americans go bankrupt because they purchase bigger televisions, bigger cars and bigger homes. Even though that assertion bears no relationship to the empirical evidence, the bill’s proponents asserted it as if it were unquestioned truth.


Whether you identify as a progressive, a moderate or a (compassionate?) conservative, it’s important to get the facts right. The fact is that for every hypothetical spendthrift or abuser the new law reigns in, it will adversely impact scores of real, hard-working, middle class folks who are down on their luck and desperate to get on with their lives.

Thanks to all those Dems who helped screw the middle class one more time. Here's hoping the campaign donations you get from MBNA make up for the votes you lose when people realize you did them in (again).


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