Tuesday, May 03, 2005

NASA Cassandra, Moi?

INOTBB really tries to look at the world through exaggerated-colored glasses. Often I assume that all I need to do is ramp up the real news to get to a place where things might be funny, since that usually only requires the nicest of nudges.

And then there are the times I'm kidding, but the world isn't. Last week I wrote, "I guess NASA doesn't want to get funded anymore" after they released a report that definitely confirmed global warming, no matter what the Bush White House says.

And now there's this headline in The New York Times: "House Panel Examines Cuts in NASA Earth Studies." The story begins:

NASA's new quest to explore the Moon and Mars appears to be coming at the expense of studying a world closer at hand, scientists and lawmakers said Thursday.

At a hearing of the House Science Committee, scientists and members of Congress said they were alarmed by recent cuts and delays in the Earth science program as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration shifted its focus to President Bush's ambitious plan to send astronauts back to the Moon and later to Mars.

I guess that means I could write for the Times. Or maybe it just means I'm Mitch Albom.


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