Monday, May 02, 2005

It's All True (uncompleted)

Yeah, yeah, long time no blog. But there's been no time, to the point of having to blow off the one-night-only screening of a film I've wanted to see since I've heard about it--Los Angeles Plays Itself. It sounds just like the geeky thing I'd mentally eat up: film that is film obsessed, looking for cross-currents and clues in the curlicues, a bit of Mike Davis's Los Angeles deconstructionism thrown in for good measure. Sigh. At least I can nab the screener tape at work and watch that.

Otherwise, I've been too busy because of the following, all of which are true:

Getting one of my drab promotional blurbs reviewed by John Cleese, since we're presenting him in 05-06. Turns out he's funnier than I am.

Having my cell phone number appear by accident in the Sunday New York Times.

Hugging Mookie at the beach until he thought his leg didn't hurt, which it really didn't when he met that cute whippet.

Drinking a brilliant bottle of wine from a vineyard owned by a one-time baseball commissioner and lousy gubernatorial candidate.

Giggling at Fred Astaire, Jack Buchanan and Nanette Fabray performing the delightfully silly "Triplets" in one of my favorite movies of all time, at long last on DVD.

Getting paid to go to a cocktail party thrown by Neil Simon's daughter.

Hanging out (at a, uh, wine tasting) with a friend all jazzed about the lefty-comedy-historical drama screenplay he's writing about the Shay's Rebellion.

Watching a B-17 fly--too low for my comfort, if you ask me--over my head every few hours.

Actually working at work, a lot. It happens. We've got a new season coming up.
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