Friday, April 29, 2005

IMDB Babble On

Time for a mad dash through the IMDB news of the day, as INOTBB makes like a bull after red-dressed celebrities trapped in the streets of Pamplona.

Cruise and Holmes Show Off Love in Public
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have shown off their new romance, appearing hand-in-hand on the streets of Rome, Italy.

It must be spring in the air, as surprising new couples everywhere admit to their undying love by holding hands in public. Cruise, commenting on the 16 year age difference between the two, which means Holmes was in kindergarten when he famously air-guitared in his tighty-whities, claimed, "As long as she kisses me with her eyes wide shut it's not really that risky a business. An endless love isn't mission impossible when you make all the right moves. When she gets a few cocktails in me she learns my top gun can still be pretty firm. Even from a vanilla sky some rain can fall, man." Luckily he was dragged away without further collateral damage.

Cruz Regrets Getting Too Close to Salma
Penelope Cruz regrets grabbing pal Salam Hayek's backside during a recent photo shoot, because it sparked stories the friends were actually lesbians. The Spanish star insists she was sick with the flu and a little delirious when she let her hand linger on Hayek's butt at a press conference for their new film Bandidas. She says, "I grabbed Salma's a** just to keep things moving, because everyone was a little slow. And, of course, the energy changed when I did that. There are magazine covers in Mexico describing us as these lesbians because of that. A lot of people were saying we were lovers."

Silly Penelope, you have to hold hands to be lovers. Grabbing each others' butts makes you baseball players. And you have to be delirious to put your hand on Salma Hayek's butt? Not to mention I've never suffered from the classic flu symptom "must fondle some ass." This story does mean, of course, that in a few years Katie Holmes will be gluteus maximus groping one of her female co-stars.

Fawcett Begs Smith To Love Her Again

Here's hoping they'll be holding hands in no time. After all, grabbing any other parts of their bodies might lead to plastic surgery failure.

Richards Sells Up
Former James Bond babe Denise Richards has put the home she shared with estranged husband Charlie Sheen on the market in a bid to move on with her life as she prepares for a divorce battle from the actor. Pregnant Richards has been living in the Encino, California home with her daughter Sam and her mother since filing for divorce from Sheen last month, according to US news show Extra. The home has a bad history of celebrity break-ups - Richards and Sheen bought the house from Kirstie Alley following the break-up of her marriage to Parker Stevenson.

There's no truth to the rumors that Alley ate the '70s Hardy Boy heart-throb; Stevenson just hasn't been very lucky in his career lately, that's why he hasn't been seen.


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