Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who's the S Now?

It was 319 years ago this Friday that the first multi-page newspaper was published in the not-yet-U.S., Boston's Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick. One reason it was a multi-page paper was they had to fit the extra "k"s. Then there was the multi-page Columbus Day ad for Ye Young [it was 1690--couldn't be olde yet] Witch and Warlock Shoppe: "Wicked Wanda says: 'For eye of newt, either boiled or plain, our prices are insane!"* Alas, the paper only had one issue, as its owner fired all the staff for actually wanting to be real journalists. Oh, wait, that's the News-Press, speaking of witches. It was the government that shut Publick Occurrences down, claiming it printed "sundry doubtful and uncertain Reports," plus capitalizing even more randomly than the government did, and what's with that "f" for "s" thing? It makes you look totally foolifh, ridiculouf, and filly. And this is Bofton. (And I realize that "f" isn't an "f" but a long "s" back when we seemed in need of two "s"s, as if one "s" in the room isn't usually enough, let alone a big "s.")(You might have to read that one aloud, but it's not fuitable for work, ok?)



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