Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cut to the Chase

As Coyote Mercury used to say, this post isn't here. But it is over here, and if you want to read about the kind of woman who truly is an inspiration, go. So upbeat, after years of discrimination, of sexism, and a year in a FEMA trailer. And to think I complain about my life sometimes....

BTW, Amy and I had the good fortune to enjoy a dinner at Dooky Chase in June 2001. Wonderful meal, my first court bouillon (that's coo-bee-on if you're in New Orleans, which does not, as Andrei Codrescu reminds us, rhyme with rice and beans). And when we waited for a cab outside, in a dicey neighborhood across from some tough projects, it was Dooky himself who stuck his head outside to say, "You folks ok?" So we've had a guardian Dooky.



Blogger Marty said...

Terrific article. I want one o' them poboys and a glass of that wine. . .

4:26 PM  

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