Thursday, August 21, 2008

People Are More Fun than Anybody

115 years ago today was the birthday of Dorothy Parker
So while these notes are usually silly, this one must be darker.
With the men she'd wield her wit around the Algonquin Round Table,
But even she'd submit the superficiality of it would leave her somewhat unstable.
So she drank to drink and drank to drown
The Queen of the New Yorker, the Toasted of the Town.
Still when dry of liver as well as mind she agitated
For civil rights she knew were belated
And for her efforts got called Communist by Joe McCarthy
Perhaps he just knew she was the life of the Party.
Of course I confuse the details with the film with Jennifer Jason Leigh
But to be finally fiction might suit her, or just be far too clever of me.
So raise you glass to Mrs. Parker, as wise as she was sad,
Quick to quip, tending to tipple, never better than when she was bad.



Blogger Smitty said...

Shame on me. I had to wiki her to see who she was...I have no culture...

6:55 AM  

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