Thursday, April 05, 2007

Where Jane Jarvis has Her Hands All Over Your Organ

Now, I don't like to count my pennants when only seven shutout innings of one hit ball have been hatched, but I do feel I should pause and credit Omar Minaya for being one canny dude. Heading into the 2006 season he did what seemed dumb, trading a starting pitcher for a bullpen arm that always seemed more talented than it is and a minor leaguer no one was too high on. That trade of Kris Benson to the Orioles looks like utter genius now, despite the carping of all sorts of people, not the least the Baseball Prospectus crew (and therefore me, for they've become to baseball what Pauline Kael* is for film for me--sometimes I quote without knowing I'm quoting).

Let's look at where we stand a few games into 2007:
  • Kris Benson injured, probably out for the season in Baltimore.
  • Anna Benson is no longer a siliconed-distraction in New York.
  • To cover for Benson's loss, the Orioles had to sign Steve Trachsel. (I guess the benefit is fans will get to spend much more time in Camden Yards during his starts.)
  • The Mets flipped the erratic bullpen arm, Jorge Julio, to the Snakes to get El Duque. The Mets needed someone to challenge Julio Franco as team old man. Seriously, when healthy, he's at least as good as Benson, and he's a lot more fun to have around.
  • The Snakes then flipped Julio to the Marlins, and now he will blow-up frequently as their closer, making it easier for the Mets to win more games in their division.
  • Best of all, the Mets landed John Maine, the barely praised prospect who has turned into a savior for a Pedro-less rotation.
In essence, Minaya turned Benson into Maine and El Duque. Did you see games 2 and 3 of the Mets crush the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals series?

*Kael's love of Brian DePalma not available as part of this offer.



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