Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So Many Shades Fall on Scarlet Kinghts

Last night was day two and a half of the baseball season and I couldn't find a single baseball game on television at 7 pm PDT. This is why someday all baseball fans will be old enough to remember the days when Doc Gooden was all flash and promise. If kids can't watch a game, they're not going to watch the game.

Now, I only have expanded basic cable, so am stuck with fewer options, but why was ESPN covering the NCAA Women's Championship Game on both ESPN and ESPN 2? Why have two stations if they do the same thing? What's worse, they we're doing something truly annoying on 2, splitting the screen into 6 parts, thereby driving up sales for ADHD drugs. Just because a network has a technology doesn't mean they should use it. I know you've got multiple cameras, but I expect a production team to show me what I need to see at any point. If I wanted to craft my own broadcast of the game, I'd go into video-editing for a career.

Instead, all I want to be able to see is some baseball.

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Blogger Mike said...

The worldwide leader's efforts to turn all the world in womens' basketball fans continue unabated.

5:17 AM  

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