Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Schticks and Stones

News flash (and you can't spell false without flash): During the run up to the 2004 presidential election Senator John McCain approached I'm Not One to Blog But asking if he could be a co-author. Insisting he was a maverick just like that Top Gun guy, McCain promised to broaden the audience of INOTBB by bridging the divide between right and left, Arizona and California, old nationally known guys who lie and sort-of middle-aged guys read by a couple hundred people each day who have nothing better to do. Although we had to turn him down (he is a loon, after all, and a suck-up to Jerry Falwell, who has never asked to be part of the INOTBB community, which doesn't seem mighty Christian to me, but what do I know--even when I was religious I was a Papist), McCain did insist he would feel completely safe walking in the neighborhoods of INOTBB--just as long as we supplied him with 100 soldiers, an attack helicopter, and a bullet-proof vest.



Blogger Mike said...

Hey, maybe you should've brought him on. Perhaps he could've used his wily, not-quite-the-greatest-generation skillz & seduced Wendy.

Then y'all could've swooped in and taken over the N-P while she was swooning in the presense of his maverick masculinity.

11:28 AM  

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