Monday, April 02, 2007

$ilent but Deadly

Maybe this won't work for you, but I've got your tailpipe emissions problem in as nutshell right here--I follow the link from Talking Points Memo to the New York Times and get distracted from the story about the Supreme Court by the video running to the right of the article. I know it's an ad, but it's in motion. And it's an ad for? The Porsche Cayenne, which as a base model--and who buys a Porsche to get the base model?--gets 20 mpg.

You can rebuke the administration as much as you want, but there's a whole lot of corporate rebuke that needs to happen, and nobody has the stomach for that. Sadly, someday soon no one will have the lungs....

UPDATE: The next time I followed the link I got the bizarre Netflix zombie ad, which might be fitting, too.

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