Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Weekend of No Flipping

As it's now Earth Night I feel I can finally admit something terrible about myself--today was the first day in my almost 13 years in Santa Barbara that I rode a MTD bus. And mostly I did it because it was free, and Amy, as usual wisely, insisted. I'm a hypocrite, I know, preaching all the save the earth spiel and refusing to get from behind the wheel of my own car. Although, in a weird way, I want to blame it on music, as the car is one of my favorite places to listen (and my car stil has a tape deck, even), and just-the-right song on the way to work can do so much for the start of a day. Sure, I could iPod-up like many mass transiters, but that means ignoring the mass, which seems rude somehow, plus if you start singing along, that's not just rude, it's offensive (you haven't heard me sing, and say thanks for that).

In other news this weekend....

So the News-Press has decided to go after Jerry Roberts in the nastiest way possible now. Nothing like a slimy unsigned story that doesn't even bother to try to get a quote/response from the person being accused of terrible things. (Don't they know it's de facto for such a story to have a quote claiming the accused refused to comment at this time, or could not be reached?) Reminds me of the old LBJ tale when he was running for an office in Texas and he told his advisors, "Accuse my opponent of pig-fucking. I know he didn't do it; I just want to see him deny it." At this rate, next Sunday's News-Press will allude to a now-vanished You Tube video of Susan Paterno strangling puppies....

The uptown Downtown Brewing Company should be open by the first week of May. We were out walking and peeking at the posted menu and they invited us in to look around. It's quite a space, with pool tables, a banquet room, a very nice bar, the already approved of by INOTBB outside seating area, and a nifty, couch-filled lounge, plus lots of plasma TVs (I can see myself watching the Mets win the World Series there already). Lots of cool specials, too, so here's hoping the beer they make and the beer they contract from Firestone Walker is up to snuff. And here's wishing their Happy Hour wasn't 3:30 - 6, but at least till 6:30. Some of us, despite how much time we spend blogging, have to work.

Rush out right now and buy Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show. This DVD package is totally hilarious--some of the best written TV ever. We're only 5 of the 23 episodes in, but after the Garden Weasel and fun with tarantulas and the Hankerciser 200, and a quick shot of T Bone Burnett, we couldn't be happier. That's leaving out the 8 hours of new material, mostly supposedly very unusual interviews with Gary Shandling and friends, we have yet to set eye on. The triumvirate of Shandling as the self-centered yet aware enough to be self-loathing Sanders, Jeffrey Tambor as the brilliantly dumb Hank "Hey Now!" Kinglsey, and the sly, slick Rip Torn as Artie (a performance that reaches back to George C. Scott as Buck Turgidson in Dr. Strangelove and is a fore-runner to what James Spader does as Alan Shore in Boston Legal) makes every second of this show a joy.

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Blogger Mike said...

in a weird way, I want to blame it on music

That Devil music. It'll drive us all to ruin, I tell ya.

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With their latest filthy trick, Wendy and Travis can be considered the skid marks in the jockey shorts of American journalism.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Trekking Left said...

Just thought I'd mention that Larry Sanders is ... ya know ... a TV show.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Tessitura said...

Nice trekking...I knew you would say that!! gotta get'em when you can.

WV: 1st)nrvdkk

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to the NP website, intending to check out the vile slander of a very fine person (just because I'm the curious sort) but I got distracted by the "LOCAL" report of a rumor that the Queen of England is contemplating a change in her hairdo.

Yup, you read that right: a Santa Barbara newspaper reporter files a local story about a rumor about the Queen of England's hair. (And yes, this is Santa Barbara, USA. On the furthest left edge of the USA, no less. As far away from England as one can get without crossing *another* ocean.) Meanwhile, countless actual local events go unreported each day for lack of reporters. But we'll get the skinny on the grooming and appearance of monarchs from foreign countries, even in anticipation of any actual change of royal hairstyle. Just a rumor of a potential royal hairdo change. Local news. For Santa Barbara. Uh huh....

Way to run* a newspaper, Wendy!

* run it into the ground, that is

Seriously, what the %^&# has gotten into these people? All I can say is WTF -- explain it to me, George, because I am flummoxed but good. WTF.


10:21 PM  

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