Thursday, April 19, 2007

Keep His Robes Away from All Those Candles

Sshhh, don't tell anyone, but Friday is the 87th birthday of Justice John Paul Stevens. If the Justice is sleeping, let him rest. If he seems to be sleeping a bit too soundly, gently wake him. If he doesn't wake, prepare for a film I'd like to call Supreme Court at Bernie's.

Many don't remember, as it happened lifetimes ago when Republican presidents were just ineffectual and not outright dangerous (ok, dangerous to others--"watch your step there, Mr. President!"), but Gerald Ford appointed Stevens to the Supreme Court. Ford had to decide between Stevens and Judge George Ringo Stella, and opted to go with the man whose first and middle names wrote better songs. Indeed, despite Stevens ending up the anchor of the liberals on the Big Bench (and alas, the Bench is now a seesaw swinging right--it doesn't help that Ginsburg is so tiny), President Ford in 2005 praised Stevens: “He is serving his nation well, with dignity, intellect and without partisan political concerns.” Of course, President Bush replied, "That doesn't sound like what I want to see in the government--get me some more Gonzales and Thomases."

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Blogger Mike said...

Happy Birthday, JP.

Don't forget, George, that GOPers have given us many of our favorites: Blackmon from Nixon, Brennen from Eisenhower, Souter from Bush I, and don't forget your fellow Californian, Earl Warren. Ike later said that nominating him to be Chief Justice was the biggest mistake he ever made.

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