Monday, December 11, 2006

Street Walking

We took the pups on leash walks twice this weekend, thanks to rain making all the off-leash places muddy pits, plus it's good for them to walk on leash every now and then to get some practice being somewhat under control and it's really good for us because we have to walk more and walk quickly. Turns out Santa Barbarans had a good Friday night, as we saw not one but two ripped-open boxes of condoms in the gutter (one by the Y, even--insert your own Village People joke).

We are also amazed at Nigel's ability to find chicken bones in bushes--he does this with stunning frequency on leash walks. Which, of course, leaves Amy and I wondering how all these chicken bones get dumped along the roadside. Have there been a rash of drive-by chickenings in Santa Barbara? "Oh, no! I just got winged!" As they say, KFC doesn't kill people, gangs tossing chicken bones do. (OK, too much KFC probably kills people, too.)


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