Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Random Ten

Magnetic Fields "When the Open Road Is Closing In" The Charm of the Highway Strip
Golden Palominos "Diamond" Blast of Silence
Velvet Underground "Some Kinda Love" (live) Peel Slowly and See
Billy Bragg "Days Like These" Peel Sessions
Cannon's Jug Stopers "Feather Bed" Anthology of American Folk Music
Ride "Twisterella" Going Blank Again
Kate Jacobs "Hope Is a Weed" Hydrangea
Waco Bros. "New Deal Blues" New Deal
Guided by Voices "Postal Blowfish" Brain Candy sdtrk
International Submarine Band "Knee Deep in the Blues" Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology

The Clash "Safe European Home" Clash on Broadway

That random sure likes the Anthology of American Folk Music. And it can't miss tossing out a Guided by Voices, but given there's gotta be 200 GBV two minute blasts in iTunes, they're almost unavoidable. But that's a great Syd Straw/Palominos cut, that's really the only Ride song I like, and I don't need to praise "Safe European Home," now, do I?


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