Friday, December 08, 2006

Q: How Is INOTBB Just Like George Bush?

A: We're both going to ignore the Iraq Study Group report.

Well, I was going to leave it at that, but then Eric Alterman had the good fortune to have Charles Pierce, one of the most piercing wits on the internets (sorry), drop by and write wisdom like this:

Jeebus Christmas, he said, in keeping with the season, have I grown tired of the MacGyver Theory Of Washington Politics -- the notion that, if we just pluck out of David Broder's moth-eaten Rolodex the people with the most gray mold on their careers, they will all get together and build a solution out of two coconut shells and a handful of magic beans.


Where was the instant and withering contempt from our courtier political press over the presence on the ISG of a useless old vampire like Edwin Meese, who started his career calling for detention camps to be set up to house student demonstrators at Berkeley, and ended it, two steps ahead of the law, by giving the Iran-Contra crowd just enough time to shred what they needed to shred? And, anyway, what in the name of Christ's sweet strawberry preserves does Edwin Meese know about Iraq? Why not just hire him to re-wire the space shuttle and design the new levees in Louisiana while he's at it?


Anonymous Bryan said...

Have any of the members of the ISG proven any competence with regards to foreign policy in the Middle East? The only purpose this group served was to provide a way of saving face to the rest of the world, and perhaps give a plan of action that would allow this administration some way out of this debacle while protecting some U.S. interest in the region.

Regardless, Bush will either ignore this report all together, or take so long in implementing any changes that it will still be the "next person's" mess to clean up.

10:47 PM  

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