Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Joementum Gone Wild!

If you missed it, there was one of those eye-opening yet completely expected kind of profiles in the Los Angeles Times' West magazine this past Sunday about "Girls Gone Wild" porn mogul Joe Francis, the guy who figured out you could point cameras at drunk girls taking off their clothes and get stinking filthy rich. In addition to assaulting the author of the profile, there's a chilling passage when Francis follows up a photo shoot with a plastered "model:"

Eventually, Jannel Szyszka says, Francis told the cameraman to leave and pushed her back on the bed, undid his jeans and climbed on top of her. "I told him it hurt, and he kept doing it. And I keep telling him it hurts. I said, 'No' twice in the beginning, and during I started saying, 'Oh, my god, it hurts.' I kept telling him it hurt, but he kept going, and he said he was sorry but kissed me so I wouldn't keep talking."

Afterward, she says, Francis cleaned them both off with a paper towel and told her to get dressed. Then, she says, he opened the door and told the cameraman to come back, saying, "She's not a virgin anymore."

As frightening as Francis is, the article also seems to echo other current events. Go back and read the passage above, and replace Jannel Szyszka with Connecticut and Francis with Joe Lieberman, the man who hopes to date rape democracy by fucking over the state no matter how many times voters say no. There's not enough paper towels for you, Joe.


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