Thursday, July 13, 2006

What's the Matter, Hon?

This Day of His Stories....

On this day in 1834 Anna McNeill Whistler gave birth to a son, James Abbott McNeill Whistler. She figured she might want her portrait painted some day, but unfortunately spent all her money buying names for James and couldn't afford to purchase him any color paint.

On this day in 1857 Frederick Maytag was born, and although he didn't really invent the washing machine, it was his family that really cleaned up by manufacturing them. Not to mention they gave Jesse White quite a career in doing nothing.

It's also the 83rd birthday of former President Gerald R. Frdddd...sorry, I tripped over the keys there.

In 1865 people first began to line-up for the Matterhorn, so long ago that Tommorowland was Main Street U.S.A. then. Oh, wait, there's another Matterhorn? Not just at Disney World?

In 1916 St. Louis Brown Ernie Koob pitched all 17 innings in a 0-0 tie. That's funny--his name is Koob.

It's also the 23rd anniversary of Illinois Rep. Dan Crane admitting he had sex with a female intern. It seems the former dentist just couldn't stop filling cavities, for even when he tried to take his mind off sex, he would just bend over the pages of the book he was reading not to lose his place.


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