Thursday, July 06, 2006

Want Adds

In a performance as big as America, in a movie not quite as funny as you remember it when you watch it again (call it Spinal Tap syndrome), Kevin Kline actually won an Oscar doing comedy as Otto in A Fish Called Wanda. (Maybe he got the Oscar because acting so stupid seemed like a handicap, and the Academy likes nothing better than wheel-chair bound, left-foot writing, magically match-stick-counting men.) Still, one moment of the film always sticks with me, just because it captures something we've all felt, if not usually in front of an empty safe we thought would contain jewels that would make us rich. But confronted with just that situation, Kline pauses for a split-second--everything registers a millimoment slow for poor Otto--then bellows out "Disappointed!" feeling each of the four syllables from his stunned mouth.


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