Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Suffice to Say SF

We were up in San Francisco visiting Amy's brother Ken and not working and having a good time and not using computers. Sometimes all "ands" are not created equal.

But, I have to be into work about an hour-and-a-half earlier than usual tomorrow morning and have to squeeze in three extra (as in not my day job) writing/publicity projects during the rest of the week, and one of those I agreed to do for free, like an idiot. Or at the least like a poorly paid smart person.

So, blogging might be light, and not in the breezily humorous way I know all of you have come to love.

In the meantime if you visit San Francisco stay at the Laurel Inn, which even takes two big greyhounds for no extra fee, but will charge you $150 if you light-up in a non-smoking room and they are all non-smoking rooms. Good thing we prefer dogs to cigs. While in San Francisco, be sure to eat at Blue Plate, comfort food made by the mom you wished you had served by tattooed waitresses you never could. (Shoot, that had/have thing ruins the symmetry.)


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