Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Chicken Hawk by the Chesapeake

One of the latest APF headlines reads "Bush to lay out Iraq victory strategy" and it's hard not to think the headline runs two words too long. This is an article that offers, without snickering, the line, "US President George W. Bush was to unveil a 'strategy for victory in Iraq' on Wednesday, hoping to convince a skeptical US public two and a half years after the war began that he has a plan to end it." Which isn't much different than opining after lighting the post-coital cigarette, "Honey, I think it's time for the condom."

In his endless effort to give speeches only in front of people who actually do have to defend this country, or in front of a wall of flags offering more stars than the Hayden Planetarium can project, or alongside expensive machines that he keeps insisting are the ways to win wars/stop illegal immigration/keep his friends who own companies who make expensive machines in business, President Bush will deliver his next stirring address at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Why there? According to a government chart from May (which is a bit old news, but the best I could Google quickly, and could the ratio really change that much since then?), here was the breakdown of U.S. forces in Operation Give Iraqis Freedom or Give Them Death:

Army 65,044
Marines 20,103
Air Force 7,149
Navy 2,299

So even when speaking in front of the troops, he picks the ones least likely to be upset with him. This is a desperate man.


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