Monday, December 27, 2004

Students Get Diddly in Their Stockings

While trying to get elected, President Bush during the October 14 presidential debate said:

Got four more years, I've got more to do to continue to raise standards, to continue to reward teachers and school districts that are working, to emphasize math and science in the classrooms, to continue to expand Pell Grants to make sure that people have an opportunity to start their career with a college diploma.

Meanwhile, now that he's back!, a story from the New York Times last week reports:

College students in virtually every state will be required to shoulder more of the cost of their education under new federal rules that govern most of the nation's financial aid.

Because of the changes, which take effect next fall and are expected to save the government $300 million in the 2005-6 academic year, at least 1.3 million students will receive smaller Pell Grants, the nation's primary scholarship for those of low income, according to two analyses of the new rules.

It sure is a good thing he's got four more years. Here's hoping most of us survive.


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