Monday, December 27, 2004

US Puts the No in Noel

Where are O'Reilly and the "Secularists Are Trying to Stop Christmas from Coming!" crew on this story?

From MSNBC, it seems not only have we not brought peace on earth to Iraq, we've put Iraqi Christians in danger:

While Iraq’s estimated 650,000 Christians, some 3 percent of the population, had little power under former dictator Saddam Hussein, they were free to worship without the threat of sectarian violence.

With Iraq’s government struggling to stop the bombings, murders and kidnappings that have scarred Iraq for the past 18 months, Christians say the small size of their community makes them feel particularly vulnerable.

With that in mind, the community, mostly from the early Assyrian and Chaldean churches, have kept celebrations low-key.

I guess they're saving shooting their guns aimlessly, joyfully up in the air for New Year's.


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